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July 31, 2006


Patricia Pando

Delighted to be joining you via the 'net. Wish I could have attended the party. I didn't know Miss Potter was only one day (plus 74 years) older than I! I'd have brought the cake.
I still have and love to read books from my childhood. My very favorite is Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels. Second is Gene Stratton Porter's Laddie--followed by her other books. And of course, the fairy tales (my book was orange and had Peter Rabbit though he isn't fairy tale) and the Little House books. I could go on and on. All I did was read. Remember the orange covered biographies of famous people? I wondered why there weren't more women!


Deborah Nix

I very much enjoy the China Bayles series although I have not yet read any of the Potter books. I've been an apparantly avid reader since third grade when the whole class went to lunch and left me sitting on a stepped bookcase engrossed in a book. And that was about 46 years ago.

By fifth grade I read mostly sci-fi but a book I went back to time and again was A Child's Geography of the World. I learned more from that book than several grades worth of social studies about the wideness of the world.

I also had Collier's collection of fairy tales but didn't much care for them. I guess I was a feminist even then - why were women always helpless and needing rescuing or having to take care of a bunch of guys?

I also read a lot of biographies and I'm with Patricia - I remember Madame Curie's and Ameilia Earhardt and those are the only woman I can remember.

Thank you for being an author willing to engage with readers.



Hi Ruby!
I wasn't much of a reader when I was young girl - I *loved* being outside as much as I could - and I still do. It bothered my Mom that I didn't sit and read very much, so she read the Heidi series and Anne of Green Gables series to me before bed every night. On my own I read Girl of the Limberlost (my kind of girl) and Encyclopedia Brown, and borrowed Beatrix Potter, Nancy Drew and various other books from the library. I remember especially loving the illustrations in the Beatrix Potter books - and I still do! Happy Birthday Miss Potter!
P.S. As a baby, my Mom would hold me in one arm, and hug my older brother with her other arm while reading action, intrigue and mystery books to him, but it soaked into my brain because I have always loved those types of books. I remember reading Ian Fleming and Alistair MacLean books when I was around 13. I do love a good mystery!


The Secret Garden! Such a powerful setting for a book that as an adult, I'm still dreaming of a walled garden of my own : )

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