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October 30, 2006



Fascinating facts about chinaberry!


Enjoyed learning about chinaberry seed beads. When I lived in Maui, I collected leis and bracelets made from the nut of the Kukui tree. Colors ranged from deepest brown, that looks like black when polished to tan and even to white, which is rare. These trees can grow to 50 ft. and are considered symbols of enlightenment, protection and peace.

Cathy Smith

Please, please, for readers who have children or even pets anywhere near craft-making with datura or castor bean seeds
(or any part of these plants) be warned that they are very poisonous.

Cathy Smith

Susan replies: Thanks, Cathy, for this caution. Yes, these seeds (and others) are highly toxic and can even be fatal. And these plants often aren't labeled as dangerous in the nurseries. I am constantly amazed at the potted brugmansias I see, with no warning label.


Trying to find an outlet to buy china berry beads wholesale for my store in SC.
Any help?

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