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October 09, 2006



I *love* sushi with tons of pickled ginger and enough wasabi to get really heat things up (enough that I usually have to ask for more wasabi than the little dab that they give me in the store). But chocolate sushi - oh my - I am definitely going to have to try this recipe!


Another good wrapping for small hand rolled sushi (temaki) is perilla. Perilla fructensens is often called Japanese basil or Japanese mint or beefsteak plant (occasionally and incorrectly as beefsteak tomato plant). In Japanese, the leaves are called Shiso. Green leaves (they also come in red/purple and a red/green combo) are usually called ohba in sushi bars. There are some Korean varieties too.

I prefer the red shiso with maguro (tuna), on rice with a bit of wasabi. The flavors go really well together. Some of the flower buds are tasty in there too.

Shiso has many of the same growing requirements as basil, so they are pretty easy to start from seed and grow in the summer.

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