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October 23, 2006



I just read this in China's book - with interest since I'm a Scorpio. And I was wondering about Pluto's demotion and the effect on Scorpio - so thanks for answering that question! I am *really* enjoying China's Book of Days!

SUSAN REPLIES: Thanks for writing, Pam. I'm seeing some really interesting possibilities in using China's blog as a kind of "extra" or supplement to DAYS. In a way, a book is already "obsolete" and out of date the minute it's published, while the Internet allows us to constantly update with new knowledge, new ideas, new points of view. It's good to have a book, because it's a convenient form of reading material (beats scrolled papyrus, for example!) But it's also wonderful to have this medium of the Internet, to add to the book--and to communicate with one another! So please check back for more DAYS "extras"!


Go Scorpios!
I'm one too. But, I'm not particularly interested in astrology (Sorry Ruby). Still, it was quite interesting to read why the demotion of Pluto didn't affect astrology. Thanks for the link!

SUSAN REPLIES: Ruby asks me to send you greetings, Aileen (she has a lot of Scorpio in her chart). Of course, China and I think this is mostly a bunch of hooey, but the historical stuff interests us, so we humor her! And as Shakespeare once wrote, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." You can expect to hear more from Ruby in future posts.

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