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September 22, 2007



I am very excited about your new book WORMWOOD. I have had a fascination with the Shakers since my husband and I visited the village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. In fact we have been there twice. It is a very beautiful place. Can't wait to read the book. Reading the blog will help pass the time until the book becomes available.

Linda in Maine

Hi Susan, this sounds great! I've been interested in Shakers since visiting the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community here in Maine.

I'm always amazed at how productive you are, and it delights me when a writer shares the creative process this way. I've "bloglined" this feed, to go along with Lifescapes which I came to through your occasional knitting content.

I "met" Paula on Shelfari and have been enjoying her shelf and her blog; she helped me out with some suggestions for an Amazon List I was making.

Someday I'll share a funny story about my new (tiny) local library and your books, but not here.

Again, thanks for all your varied and interesting contributions to our reading life!


Wow, Susan, it's hard to believe you're working on book #17! I'm intrigued with your backstory plot set in the 1870's because I love history. I didn't realize your favorite book is Bloodroot. Hmmm, I'm curious which character(s) you're going to use from Bloodroot.
Hearing your thought processes as you progress in writing this book will be very interesting.
I love the Shaker quote at the end of your post.

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