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September 24, 2007


Ann Bevak

Susan, I'm looking forward to the Shaker-based mystery! Our herb group is over 30 years old, and when we were more studious we studied the Shakers and I even did a simple talk on them for a group of Questers. Once we had a Shaker luncheon and lecture -- great fun. We had Sister Lettie's Beet Salad, Shaker Pork and Sage pies, and Shaker lemon pie for dessert.
There's a biography of Ann Lee called Ann The Word -- you've probably already found it in your meticulous research. The Pleasant Hill community was founded long after her death, however.
Thank you for the blog. I love reading it and all the other e-communications. I even listened to one of your lectures the other day.


Susan, This is really interesting to read about your thought process as you go through choosing the setting. I am very excited about this book because I love visiting Shaker villages and reading about the Shakers.
Are you going to do a map of your Shaker village like you do with your Cottage Tales?

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