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September 22, 2007


Brenda@Coffee Tea Books and Me

This will be fun.

I have never READ a writer's blog of a work in progress. :)


What a great idea, Susan. I'm looking forward to your blog entries.


I'll be reading this with fascination and sharing with other authors!

Michele Ritan

I can't believe you are going to find time to do yet another blog, but I am THRILLED to get a peek into a work in progress. I am looking forward to a book set in another location. Bloodroot is my favorite, too.

Taffy Hill

I live near Shakertown,,,what a beautiful setting for one of your wonderful books,,,they (the Shakers) did do herbs so well.
FYI-yesterday was election day in Kentucky.
Shakertown can now serve alcohol.

Taffy Hill


Susan, This is the website of Danville KY,,Shaker Village,,about the lifting of the alcohol ban.
Maybe one of your new characters can have a drinking binge :-)

Sherry Fisher

Hi Susan, I'm very interested in following your blog, and can't wait to read Wormwood!


Hey -- upcomng review of a China Bayles piece at Cooking with Ideas, http://www.cookingwithideas.typepad.com

I am dying to know how you got from academic administration to murder mysteries and whether you have read Overnight Float!

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