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October 24, 2007



Wow, the site looks great! I love the new features, particularly the categories search, and the reviewer web pages. I'm so glad the three of you (four, with Peggy!) have injected such new and wonderful energy into the book review site.

Barbara Davis-Kyle

Susan, I have read all the China books, beginning with Thyme of Death and I just finished Wormwood. I would so enjoy a map of Pecan Springs. Fictional though it is, it seems very real, after all these years. I always find myself trying to place the streets, buildings, shop and tearoom in my mind. You have achieved what to me makes a great author...I feel like I personally know China, McQuaid, Ruby, Cass, Brian, Smart Cookie, just to name a few. Thanks for many hours of reading pleasure and a whole host of new friends about 2 1/2 hours from my central Texas home. God bless.

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