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October 14, 2007


Linda Mandeville

Interesting.....this is one of the reasons I love China Bayles so much. You teach me so many things I do not know (can't wait to learn more about the Shakers!), and you include things that I do know about, like cooking and gardening, which makes me feel a part of the book. It's funny, because I do know how to cook and garden....I feel like I could solve the mystery right along with China...as we weed the garden!
Have a good week Susan--enjoy those pecans!

Ann Bevak

Susan echoing Linda's comment: I finished Hawthorn House last week and loved it, as I do all the others in all the series! I learned some surprising things about hawthorns, which I didn't find out when I did a monograph on hawthorn many years ago for my herb society. Living in "Hawthorn Glen" as we do (a condo community in Michigan) I was interested. The Indians were thought to have used hawthorn thickets to protect their encampments, but I doubt if that's how the hawthorns came to be in our community.

Debra Davis Hinkle

I'm looking for your chocolate chip cookies recipe that was spiced up. Can you help me, I lost the book it was in?

Thank you.

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