• We sleep in the desert
    on a land full of stories
    and all night the wind reads the news.

    The Word is written
    everywhere on the land.

    from "Easter, Picacho Peak"
    Laura Girardeau
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June 22, 2007


Connie Spittler

Writing from the Sonoran desert's 106 degree afternoon, I have to agree, the dragons are out spitting fire today.

Paula S. Yost

Once again, Susan, you take us to unique places and prod us to dig deeper, observe more realistically. Thank you! Just wondering how you found that picture of my front yard after the rains last week? :)

Laura Girardeau

I love your urging to write about the uncomfortable, to not idealize and sanitize our ideas of the land, but to be real about our fears. I happen to love the fact that nature is not all pretty, that we're not always at the top of the food chain, so to speak! There's still something out there bigger than us, and to me, that's comforting!


as you well know, I met my dragons two years in a row in Naples, Fl with hurricanes. Last year I kissed the dragon goodbye and headed to a place where I felt the dragons would not be so inclined to settle. So far so good but I am not short-sighted enough to think that none are here in the lovely mountains of northeast TN.
Thanks for encouraging us to look at all aspects of place - not just the obvious and comfortable.

Susan J Tweit

The air here is hazy with forest fire smoke, not from fires in my valley, but close enough to tint the light that odd shade of orange even at mid-day, and to remind me that the forests I see on the mountainsides across the valley are dependent on frequent fire too. Dragons are a part of every place, and you're right, Susan, we ignore them at our peril!

Katherine Misegades

Just yesterday, I looked at the map I drew in your workshop class. The only clearly defined thing on it was a bird's-eye view on my home. I looked at it and thought that the non-dragon part of my world is very small, then one of my clients pointed out that it isn't small at all when one considers how deep it goes. This is my thinking place where there be books and yarn and the freedom to grow and create.

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