• We sleep in the desert
    on a land full of stories
    and all night the wind reads the news.

    The Word is written
    everywhere on the land.

    from "Easter, Picacho Peak"
    Laura Girardeau
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June 19, 2007



Worse than driving on, unaware, is knowing you've hit a living creature and not caring. "Just" an animal tells you a lot about a person.

Susan Albert

Somehow turtles always seem to me to be among the most mysterious of creatures, to live an almost magical life. I'm glad you were able to rescue that slider. Let's wish her a long and contented life!--Susan

Susan J Tweit

I think part of their mystery is that they carry their home - in the sense of their shell - with them. Yet they are not migratory in any sense; they belong only in certain places, and they go to great lengths - even crossing busy four-lane streets to get there.

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