• We sleep in the desert
    on a land full of stories
    and all night the wind reads the news.

    The Word is written
    everywhere on the land.

    from "Easter, Picacho Peak"
    Laura Girardeau
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August 01, 2007


Susan Albert

Linda, thank you so much for sharing your journey with Grace Blanket, and for making it a part of our own journeys into wildness.--Susan

Brenda@Coffee Tea Books and Me

I came to you from a link in a blog I have never read before!

And...here I find a person who can understand.

My beloved feline friend of nearly seventeen years had a stroke last week. We were to have her given her "shot" today but our Vet is sick. We have her with us one more day.

I've been blogging about it. I thought I would be prepared because of her age. Nothing prepares us for the void in our life.


Linda, I was so touched (with "grace") by your words, and love the way you've woven so many issues together in a seamless "blanket")! You explored grief, illness, healing, love for animals and human nature in one short piece. I enjoyed the buildup from the seemingly everyday to profound thoughts on human and animal nature. I look forward to more of your writing.

Susan J Tweit

Bless you, Linda, for sharing Grace's story and yours. You've reminded us of what we search for when we look to wildness: inspiration, knowledge of our deepest, best selves, and comfort for the journey, wherever it may take us.


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